Understanding Material Effectiveness under Ideal Climate with the Humidity Chamber

Humidity Chamber
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Metals are used in the production process in numerous industries like aeronautical, automobile, electrical appliances & daily appliances are highly prone to rust & corrosion due to their constant exposure to the environment.

As we all know there are different kinds of metals with variable properties. manufacturers tend to choose the most anti-corrosive material for the production of the final product so that the life cycle of the product increases and thus the consumer can achieve maximum satisfaction and avoid the hassles of using anti-rusting sprays & other measures repeatedly.

One of the most eminent examples of such corrosion-friendly metal is iron as we have often observed a thick layer of rusting over iron-made products. This leads to hampering their durability as well as longevity. To avoid such uncertainties & shortcomings, manufacturers layer these materials with several powder coatings, paint coatings, laminations, and other coatings, safeguarding the materials from corrosion. However, coatings & layerings are a temporary solution and cannot withstand for long if not done with utmost precision.

To determine & understand the rust resistance properties of materials it almost becomes mandatory for manufacturers to assess the change in their properties under ideal humid conditions. The Presto Group offers a lab testing instrument to perform the same task with absolute ease, called the Humidity Chamber.

The instrument is designed to aid manufacturers in evaluating the change in reactive properties of a material when placed under a certain atmosphere by simulating it inside an insulated chamber allowing the manufacturer to segregate the good quality materials from the bad ones.

How to operate a Humidity Chamber?  

The operating mechanism of a humidity chamber is extremely superficial in order to encourage expeditious testing measures and enhance the accuracy of the instrument.

The operator can commence the humidity assessment by placing the sample inside the testing chamber and locking the double-layered door with the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism ensures that the door is firmly closed and cancels all the circulation of the internal atmosphere with the external climate.

The operator can adjust the settings with the help of the control panel associated with the testing chamber, allowing the operator to adjust the temperature, air circulation, & humidity levels inside the testing chamber.

The humidity chamber manufacturers have incorporated SSR-based heaters in a U-type formation integrated within the walls of the testing chamber for uniform and expeditious elevation of temperatures inside the testing chamber. The instrument is also equipped with chlorofluorocarbons-free condensation panels that refrigerate the temperature by lowering the temperatures, allowing the operator to conduct humidity tests under both climatic conditions.

The instrument is also equipped with a reservoir tank that carries the water supply of the instrument and saves the chamber from getting humidified in this climate. 

The German-made fan of the instrument plays a pivotal role in enhancing the accuracy of the instrument as it makes sure that the temperature & humidity levels inside the testing chamber are equally distributed around the specimen for uniform & accurate test results over & over again.

After the timing adjusted by the operator on the preset timer associated with the control panel is achieved, the operator can unlock the double-layered door of the instrument and take the specimen out to assess the changes in the properties of the same.

This is how the humidity chamber with its top-quality incorporations conducts the humidity test over variable materials and aids manufacturers in evaluating the rust resistance of materials for a better 7 segregation before utilizing them in the final production.

The humid weather simulation is absolutely accurate as well as precise each & every time due to the high-end features inculcated within the instrument which must be addressed by manufacturers.

High-End Features of the Humidity Chamber

The humidity chamber manufacturer has made sure to offer all the necessary features required to simulate humid testing conditions with absolute precision. These features contribute hugely to encouraging single-handed testing.

The most advanced feature or characteristic incorporated within the instrument is the SSR-based heaters integrated within the walls of the instrument that make sure that the heating is quick and the circulation of the elevated temperature is precise.

The use of CFC-free condensation for lowering the temperature is also an extremely important feature to be considered as it makes the instrument environment-friendly and assists the operator in achieving maximum insulation.

The feature that has attracted manufacturers from all across the globe is the instrument’s ability to perform versatile tasks like humidifying, dehumidifying, cooling & heating in a homogenous testing measure which allows the operator to undertake any kind of climatic situation and test the specimen under the same.

Another high-end feature imbibed within the instrument is the double-layered door with a locking mechanism along with stainless steel material inside the testing chamber which enhances the insulation standards and delivers pinpoint accuracy by minimising the scope of the external atmosphere hampering the controlled atmosphere inside the testing chamber.

The humidity chamber manufacturer also promises uniform testing methodologies by installing highly advanced German-made fan that ensures the controlled climate is circulated around the specimen in a uniform manner.

The humidity test chamber price at which it is offered is extremely affordable in consideration of the high-quality material used in the instrument. The instrument is made with stainless steel as well as mild steel with a layering of powder paint to avoid any kind of corrosion or rusting and enhance the longevity of the instrument.

 Book a Humidity Chamber for Facile Assessment of Materials  

Get your hands on the top-notch lab testing instrument that is designed with absolute precision to achieve high levels of accuracy in assessing the reaction of materials under controlled climatic conditions.

To get further details & information regarding the equipment, you can reach out to our website and check the specifications of the device. To place an order now, call us straight away at +91 9210903903 or e-mail us at info@prestogroup.com. The Presto Group will serve you in the best possible way.

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