Understanding the Cobb Sizing Test for Industrial Use

Understanding the Cobb Sizing Test for Industrial Use
It is the natural tendency of paper or pulp to absorb water or moisture within the self.  And as we know that this material is mostly used in manufacturing paper packaging material. The water retention tendency of papers not only reduces the material strength but also damages the product packed inside. Water absorbance value and the water retention value are important factors to check in paper packaging. To determine these factors in one term, Cobb value is required. And this value can be calculated using an efficient Cobb sizing tester.
The Cobb value is required to maintain its value in the paper material for better strength and quality. The test is designed for papers which are 0.1 mm thick and tells the amount of water a particular paper sample can absorb in a particular time period.
The testing machine consists of a round shaped steel platform base and is equipped with a cylindrically shaped barrel with a cork in the base of it. The specimen should be cut from the paper material very evenly and in case of repeated test, the samples must be of accurate size and shapes. The weight of the testing sample must be 0.1 gram.
First, put the cork sheet on the platform of the Cobb sizing tester and after then you can put the sample paper cut out. The cork sheet which is placed below the sample paper is because it will provide firmness and ensure zero slippage of the specimen. It is very important to place the cork ring in the bottom section of the cylinder.


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