Understanding the role of BOD Incubators in Laboratories

BOD Incubators in Laboratories
BOD incubators or Biochemical oxygen demand cabinets are utilized by biological industry to estimate the amount of contamination a biological sample exhibits in itself. These chambers are usually used in microbiological labs or bio-research organisations to check the contaminant level in a particular sample. The concept behind the use of BOD is to accurately measure the level or microorganism grown in the sample and how much oxygen is deprived in the process. For instance, if somebody is manufacturing biomedical instrument and the engineers requires biological parts of human to create the one like artificial bones or skin. Now to see if the sample or parts used are contamination free, BOD method is the faster and bulk testing procedure. 
You can put samples in airtight bottles and put it inside the chamber. Then fix a temperature and time. The bottles will naturally contain a particular amount of oxygen and will be depleted with the growth of microorganisms if the product has any kind of contamination in it. The depletion amount will clear it out.
To know the difference in the oxygen amount one must measure the oxygen level before and after the test. This will help you in determining the difference and exact quantity of contamination load in your sample. Every subject or test has fixed limit. And if your oxygen depletion is crossing that value your product fails.
Major Applications of BOD
Pharmaceutical industries, agricultural industry, beverage producers and biological research labs based on BOD testing for contamination checks. Waste or sewage treatment plant also has a major need for BOD testing to see if the water treatment is going well or not. They check the water samples post its treatment to see if it is fit for drinking or not. It is utilized by the beverage manufacturers which produces packed drinks. They check if in the production or packaging process any contaminate has entered the drink or not. In the agricultural industry, BOD method tells the amount of anaerobic bacterial growth.


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