Use LDPE Plastics by Testing Impact Resistance

Use LDPE Plastics by Testing Impact Resistance

LDPE is Low-density polyethylene. This kind of plastic is used in many plastic products with the resin code or recycling number 4.

Advantages & Uses of LDPE

  • It is used in film applications as it is flexible, tough and transparent.
  • It is used to produce some flexible lids and bottles along with wire and cable applications.
  • This kind of plastic offers good resistance to bases, acids and vegetable oils.
  • Its flexibility, transparency and toughness make it good for packaging applications that need heat sealing.
  • LDPE plastics are used to make thin and flexible products such as for dry cleaning, bread, garbage, newspapers and frozen foods.
  • The stretch film, cling film and shrink wrap are manufactured by LDPE along with coatings for paper milk cartons and disposable beverage cups.
  • It is mainly used by manufacturers to create thin container lids, squeezable bottles and toys.

Dart Impact Tester
This type plastic material has major applications in packaging industry. Due to enhancements in technology, customer expectations have raised manifold. Dart Impact tester is used to measure the impact resistance of LDPE packaging material.

The high impact resistance of LDPE makes it highly durable. This type of plastic is used as plastic manufacturing material to customers across a range of sectors. Dart impact test on plastics is an important advancement of quality assurance in packaging industry. It computes the opposition of a plastic to crack on free-falling weight.

Dart impact tester performs the test using a sample which is prepared according to various standards. It ensures accuracy and uniformity in the test results. The sample is prepared as per ASTM-D1709-15a, ASTM-D 3029-82a, IS-2508-1984.

Preparation of sample:

  • The thickness of the test sample is approximately 0.002mm within the area of the impact.
  • Multiple thickness measurements are taken for accurate measurements
  • Taking mean value and record the thickness of the sample
  • Multiple thickness recording ensures a high precision level
  • A sample clamping ring that ensures that the sample elongates to at least 25mm on all sides.
  • Grip the sample on the ring holder
  • Connect to the 6mm pneumatic pipe of vacuum pump
  • Switching on the power to activate the vacuum pump to ensure that the sample holds tightly without any slippage of the sample.

Equipment Design:
The Presto’s Dart Impact tester is designed as per international standards. It has a hemispherical shaped head or dart held by electromagnetic section. The magnetic area holds and releases the dart head. The dropping height is adjusted by moving the head section in an upward and downward direction. An inbuilt digital counter is installed to keep the record for falling cycles in a single test.

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