Use Of Blister And Clamshell Packaging In Packaging Industries

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Blister and clamshell packaging are usually used in pharmaceutical industries for unit dose packaging of tablets, capsules and other related products. It is the best packaging strategy that creates a protective layer around the medicines to safely deliver them to the customers. This type of packaging provides a best level of damage resistance protective layer to the products. The blister packaging products are also used to pack the samples of the drug and to pack the OTC i.e. over the counter products that are available in the pharmacy. These packs are popularly known among the users as blister strip, blister pack and blister card. The blister packs are used in pharmaceutical industries to best assure the integrity of the packaging to ensure the shelf life of the medicines and also helps to create the calendar packs for the consumers according to the days of the week on each dose.

On the other hand, the two connected blister are known as the clamshell packaging which is used to pack a large variety of products. It is the highly secure type of packaging which is mainly used in packaging electronic items and other consumer goods. With the wide usage of these packaging materials, the manufacturers must produce high quality of blister and clamshell packaging products as there is no room for the defects in these products as they are designed mainly to pack consumable goods. The quality of such products can be tested efficiently with the help of high-quality of blister and clamshell packaging testing equipments.

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