Hot air oven uses | Use of Hot Air Oven in Laboratories

Use of Hot Air Oven in Laboratories

Hot air oven uses in Laboratories.

Best Hot air oven uses -  Hot air oven is widely used in the medical industry to sterilize the equipment and other materials that are used in a laboratory. It is used for delivering the heat treatment to the product. Due to its simplified standard operating process and cost efficiency, it is now being used in different industries for heat treatment and for the quick drying process. As far as medical industry is concerned, the sterilization process is not restricted to dry sterilization or dry heating. Many other techniques are also used. In this post, highlights on few other techniques will be shed. 

Dry Sterilisation

Hot air oven is primarily used for this technique. This technique is suitable for articles like glassware, powders, oil containing materials, metal equipment. Hot air oven works in a manner so that items placed inside the oven don’t catch fire or meltdown. It basically works on the principle of conduction where heat travels on the surface of the material and then to the centre of the item. It is called dry sterilisation process because the treatment is done by using the hot air. As the air becomes hot, it becomes lighter and moves towards the ceiling of the chamber. When air crashes with the chamber it moves towards the ground of the chamber. This creates circular motion of air in the chamber. This circular flow ensures the appropriate and consistent heating throughout the chamber. This is comparative a long process than autoclaving or moist sterilisation. Therefore, a few organizational skills are required if it is used in the medical laboratory, so that operator can make a schedule of sterilisation process.

Moist Sterilisation

The autoclave is an equipment used for dry sterilization. It is very similar to the process of pressure boiling. The autoclave is filled with water vapours created by heating up the water to the boiling point. A pressure is created inside the chamber to make the process faster. The advantage of using moist sterilisation is to the vanish off organisms like prions very easily. But this method is avoided due to the effect of vapours on the sharpness of the equipment over the time.
Presto’s is the leading manufacturer of oven that comes with a strong and rust proof body. It comes with double door safety with one see-through door. The insulation of the door makes sure that there is no heat loss during the heat treatment. The heat treatment of the material is popularly incorporated in other industries for the testing of materials to analyze the behaviour.

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