Use Salt Spray Tester for Metal Corrosion Control

Use Salt Spray Tester for Metal Corrosion Control

Corrosion is the metal degradation which is an end product of a chemical reaction occurring between the metal surface and the surrounding environmental conditions. The rate or degree of degradation is decided by the surrounding gases which are in contact with the Metal. Coatings are applied on the metal surfaces to seal the entry of environmental factors such as moisture or any gas etc. The coating is expected to sustain the slat laden environment which is mainly responsible for corrosion. For checking the sustainability of the coating material quality control initiatives are taken.

Salt Spray Tester is used for checking the quality of such coatings and let the manufacturer implement required methods to improve the sustainability of the surface coating. The user can check the coating product in a simulation of accelerated salt fog conditions and observe till how much duration of a salt spray test, the coating can sustain. For instance, if a corrosion test is taking place and a coated metal plate survives 10 cycles of salt fog test and the other sustains 18 cycles, then it is clear to the coating which took 18 cycles to fail. This is how the criteria are set and quality is controlled.
The test chamber is constructed of triple walled Fiber reinforced plastic material. This material is considered to be light in weight but delivers high insulation to the test chamber. It ensure the no heat or temperature is lost through the chamber walls while testing. The Canopy is designed as per international test standards and do not allow the salt solution settled on the wall of canopy to fall on the specimen. Rather it slips down the canopy and slides through the wall of the chamber. The opening and closing of the canopy is pneumatically controlled for user comfort.
Equipped with highly advanced features including HMI based touchscreen display, Remote control for operation and monitoring, Ethernet connectivity and much more, the Salt Spray tester is the without any doubt is the new generation model. Presto has always been in innovating the Corrosion testing technology via salt fog testing. Features like automated fog settlement, reservoir tanks, web monitoring, alarm notifications via mail will make your testing experience upgraded. It follow several global corrosion test standards including ASTM B117 and JIS Z 2371. The most highlighting feature of this chamber that it can collects the salt fog collection unit is installed outside the chamber which reduces the need of opening the chamber an disturbing the test.


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