Uses of MFI Test Method in Plastic Industries

Uses of MFI Test Method in Plastic Industries

The plastic granules are in high demand in several manufacturing units as the base material to produce plastic products. These plastic granules are tested on several chemical and physical parameters before introducing it in the market. Chemical testing of polymers is essential to ensure that the material can be used for the intended application. Melt flow index machine checks the melt flow rate of plastic granules.

MFI test is used in several segments of the plastics industry. Flow properties of plastics are important to be analysed as the processing of thermoplastics involves the flow of the polymer melt. An extrusion process is a manufacturing operation in which the fluid is forced through an orifice to give an extrudate of uniform cross –section. The material is in a molten form which is pumped through the outlet using a screw pump. The process involves mixing operations along with making finished objects using methods like injection moulding. Molten plastic is shaped under an applied stress and shear viscosity data which is needed to model processing behaviour and determine suitable processing conditions.

Use of test method includes the following:

  • For quality control tests on thermoplastics
  • Indicate the uniformity of the flow rate of the polymer as made by an individual process.
  • The characteristics of polymer melts depend on a number of variables. Since the values of these variables occurring in this test differ significantly in large scale processes, test results may not relate to processing behaviour.

Melt flow index (MFI) is a measure for the ease of flow of melted plastics. Its usage is based on the plastic industry for quality control of thermoplastics. A sample of 5 grams is heated above its melting point and is allowed to flow through a capillary using a piston operated by a specified weight of 5 kg. The weight of melt in grams flowing by using a capillary in 10 minutes is the melt flow index.

Melt Flow Index Tester is the most popular device widely used in the plastic industry to identify material viscosities. To get accurate viscosity information, a capillary and plate rheometer is used. The device is the best machine to measure the melt flow rate of plastics. It is used by manufacturers of plastics. It is supplied in various countries like Zambia, India, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Nigeria and Indonesia. Its base has a metal which provides stability and is designed as per ASTM D1283-13 standards.


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