Vacuum Leak Testers - Significant for Leak Integrity Testing

Vacuum Leak Testers - Significant for Leak Integrity Testing

Importance of PET Bottles in Packaging

PET bottles are the widely used and highly preferred means of packaging that are used in different industries. The major reason behind this fact is the non-reactive property of the PET containers. These products provide best level of safety to the products that seems to be reactive in different weather conditions such as beverages, food products, medicines and many more. In order to protect these products from getting polluted, best packaging techniques are utilized to ensure the quality of the products. To ensure the quality, one thing needs to be kept in mind is that the strength and quality of the product should be best.


Leakage Integrity – Significant Factor of Bottles

The significant factor of PET bottles that explains the quality of the PET bottles is the leakage resistance strength. This can be assured by performing vacuum leak test on the PET bottles and containers. It is the principal Leak Testing method of performing leakage test to test the parts of the product if they have any type of leakage. This can be performed using Leak Detection Equipment. The best leak testing machine is Vacuum Leak tester for PET Bottles. The testing instrument efficiently measures the leak integrity of PET Bottles that can be examined with the help of high-pressure vacuum and ensures that the test sample is free from all types of leakage.


Why to Perform Vacuum Leak Test?

The situation of creating high pressure and vacuum testing arises sometimes in some applications. In such cases, vacuum leak test works far better as compared to other types of tests as it offers better repeatability and less sensitive to environmental variables that arise due to change in temperature. Moreover, Leak Test Procedure requires less time to reach a stable test pressure. It is less vulnerable to potential instability of tested parts and offers shorter time of test cycles in comparison with many pressure decay applications.

PRESTO’s Vacuum Leak tester Advantages

Presto Stantest differentiates itself from other competitors by offering a broad range of Vacuum Leak Testing Technologies that can flawlessly integrated into custom turnkey systems. The highly skilled and experienced professional at Presto understands the testing requirements of the manufacturers of different industries, utilizes the best technologies and manufactures better and highly integrated systems.

Use of Leak Tester in Different Industries

Not only in PET industries, vacuum leak testers are used in numerous industries such as in :

  • Food Industries – To measure the vacuum leak integrity of foiled cups, tetra packs, sachets of ketchups and sauces, etc.
  • Cosmetics Industries – To measure the leak integrity of shampoo and cream sachets & tubes.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries – To measure the quality of liquid sachets, oils sachets, health drink tetra packs, etc.

To know the technical Specifications of Vacuum Leak Testers, click here.

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