Simulate Transition Hazards For Hassle-free Transit with the Vibration Table

Vibration Table

Shipping of products is equally important to the manufacturing of these items because in order to ensure consumer satisfaction, the customer must get their hands on the perfectly constructed and correctly shipped product. A study indicates that out of the 30% returned products 20% are broken or malfunctioned or contaminated due to faulty shipment.

This leads to huge losses for the brand due to the decline in brand reputation. However, brands can emerge from this problem by evaluating the corrugated boxes in which their commodities are packed against the transportation hazards that these boxes go through.

Conducting various tests on boxes and materials determines the strength of boxes but transportation hazards & jeopardies are on a greater scale and might cause serious damage. Therefore, simulating the real-life hazards that a corrugated box might undergo during its transit through the roads is extremely crucial.

The Presto group has come up with a top-quality real-world simulator called the vibration table. The lab testing instrument is designed in consideration of the deteriorated road conditions to make sure that the vibration table simulates the transit measures accurately and achieves highly precision-based results consistently. The instrument has captured the attention of manufacturers from various industries due to its simplistic working design and setup.

Working Design of the Vibration Table

The vibration table is equipped with an extremely simplistic working module which allows the operator to get familiar with the functioning mechanism of the instrument.

To commence the test, the operator must place the specimen on the platform of the vibration table.The platform sizes at 1000 mm x 1000 mm, therefore the size of the corrugated box being tested must be smaller than that and well within the railings.

The operator can adjust the setting from the associated but not attached control panel that allows the operator to perform testing as per compliance with designated standards. 

The operator can adjust the amplitude and frequency of the vibration from the controller along with the testing time, enabling the instrument to conduct long-term testing repeatedly.

The vibration table performs variable vibrating movements to simulate the speed breakers, potholes, uneven road layings, etc. due to the incorporation of these four vibrating modes:

1. Swivel synchronous

2. Swivel asynchronous

3. Vertical synchronous

4. Vertical asynchronous

These variable movements along with vibration ensure highly accurate results. The testing modes can be adjusted with the help of the PID controller.

The lab testing instrument automatically turns off, once the time adjusted by the operator for performing the test is achieved & completed. This allows the operator to perform hassle-free testing.

The vibration table has characteristics that have attracted manufacturers from different industries to try the instrument and the instrument has definitely lived up to the expectations of these manufacturers.

Attractive Characteristics of the Vibration Table

The vibration table has been one of the finest real-world simulators designed by any lab testing instrument manufacturer so far because of the features & characteristics it depicts.

One of the most pre-eminent features of the instrument is its ability to perform testing in four different modes which simulate the deteriorated road conditions with maximum precision.

The vibration table has safety guards as railings on the side of the platform where the vibration testing is performed to make sure that the specimen does not fall off the table during the course of testing.

The lab testing equipment is embedded with advanced bolting with futuristic technology that ensures the durability of the instrument even at high amplitude & frequency testing for longer durations.

The instrument is equipped with a highly advanced PID controller with a microprocessor-based digital display for precise control over testing. The personalization of testing allows the operator to attain compliance with different standards and also perform testing as per the customer’s requirement.

The auto-cut-off feature of the instrument enables the operator to conduct the test with absolute ease by eradicating the hassles of turning the instrument off, once the testing time is achieved.

The construction of the instrument has also drawn the attention of manufacturers as it is constructed into two parts i.e. the PID controller and the vibration table to enhance the testing experience by making it seamless. The instrument also ensures longevity & prevention against corrosion due to the layering of 7-layered powder paint over the mild steel material.

All these features are embedded within the instrument that encourages accuracy-driven as well as precise testing results in an expedited manner.

Certain specifications of the vibration table are necessary to be considered before getting your hands on the top-notch lab testing equipment.

Specification of the Vibration Table

The specifications of an instrument help the consumer to identify whether the instrument aligns with the requirements or whether the specifications of the instrument are contrary.

·       The size of the platform is 1000 mm X 1000 mm, allowing the testing measures to be performed upon medium & large-sized boxes as well.  

·       The amplitude of the instrument has a peak value of 25 mm and the frequency of the vibration table carries a range that varies from 2 Hz to 6 Hz.

·       The testing angles are 0o, 30o, 60o & 90o.

·       The testing time can be adjusted to as long as 99.9 hours which allows the operator to conduct long-term tests with absolute facile.

·       Angle & mode adjustment is performed with the help of the Sprockets embedded in the instrument.

These are the specifications that a consumer must know before getting their hands on the Presto vibration table.

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