How Are Wall Thickness Gauges Useful For Quality Analysis Of Products?

How Are Wall Thickness Gauges Useful For Quality Analysis Of Products

The wall thickness gauges are used widely in industries for measuring the thickness of different materials that are used for engineering and manufacturing purposed. The wall thickness of a material and a product can be a very important factor that defines its quality and strength. This is why the manufacturers need to test the Thickness of walls of the products so that it could be ensured that the strength of the products is of best level. With the help of a wall thickness gauge, it becomes very easy to measure and analyze the strength and quality attributes of any products.

The wall thickness gauge works on the principle of ultrasound reflection. There are ultrasonic sound waves sent by the instrument through the material being tested. On the other side of the wall, there is a detector placed on the other side of the material which receives the ultrasonic waves sent by the instrument. The time taken by the sound waves to reach the detector is analyzed, and the thickness of the medium through which the waves have traveled is measured. In this way, the thickness of the walls is determined.

When the wall thickness of any product is determined, then it helps the manufacturers in ensuring that the strength of the materials and products. In addition to that, the determination of the wall thickness also gives information about the efficiency and accuracy of the manufacturing process by ensuring the even distribution of the material throughout the products.

Presto offers the best range of highly efficient wall thickness gauges that are used in different industries such as PET and preform, plastics, polymers, etc. to analyze the quality as well as the strength of the products.

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