Water Absorption Test of Tissue Paper

Water Absorption Test of Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper is designed to absorb moisture to a greater extent. They are categorized and priced in market based on their water absorbency rate or Cobb value. Even their applications are dependent on this property. Hence, calculating the water absorption rate is a common practice for tissue paper manufacturers. However, low quality test equipment may case the test process complicated and full of errors. One must choose the test device carefully.

Cobb Sizing Tester is testing equipment used to calculate the water abortiveness of material. It is evaluated in the form of Cobb value. Suitable for paper, corrugated fiber board, paper board or paper forms. It precisely calculates the amount of water a material can absorb in particular time frame. Complies with test standards such as IS 1060, TAPPI –T441.
The main body is composed of stainless steel and mild steel material. Plated with corrosion resistant paint to protect the device from moisture for long. It is very light weighted and can be carried throughout a unit. It has few locking knobs to set the specimen and the apparatus at specified positions while test is running. Single user can operate the device without any hassle. The sample to be place must be cut-out in a circular shape as the shape of the test areas and have diameter of 130 mm. the apparatus include a cylindrical hollow structure, a rube base test placement plate and a roller of 10 kg weight.

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