Weathering Test Chambers for Automotive Parts Testing

Weathering Test Chambers for Automotive Parts Testing

Automotive productions such as Cars and Trucks are always exposed to damaging forces throughout their application. They are being used in all seasonal condition weather it’s raining or a scorching heat day, vehicles take all on them and protect the driver from outside environmental changes. The speed applied to it can make it face rough winds and even dust. Chemical indulged, polluted air also effects the automobile exteriors and interiors in vast ways. Other than this the long term exposure to disturbing elements including even moisture can degrade the vehicles’ body.

The effected sections would be the car exterior portion which includes the bonnet or hood, bumper, the inside engine and other parts, the mirrors, the interior section with these eat cover and the coating applied all over the body. The quality of the plastic parts, the metal components, the coating applied etc. has to go under a strict quality check before using for the final production. Timely testing of these factors under extreme weathering conditions can help the manufacturer and engineers to be sure of their quality standards or if needed improve the quality for delivering long–term protection against weathering.
To achieve desirable results one must use a reliable source for conducting quality control tests such as Presto’s Leading Test Chamber - Bench UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester.  The test equipment is a results of high scientific research and dedication of Top-notch engineers. It is specifically designed to simulate real life weathering conditions including UV rays coming out of sun, Moisture, Rain, etc. It will help you asses the longevity of your product in such condition and how they behave on exposure of weathering factors.
The machine follows international test standards such as ISO 4892-3:2012, ASTM D4329-13, ASTM D4587-11, and ASTM G-151-10. Equipped with high grade units including UV lamps, water spray and fluorescent lights. Has HMI touch screen operation and control. The environmental conditions can be easily resumed within the test process. No need of filling up the tanks by involving unwanted stoppage during the test. Equipped with precision based sensors with corrosion protection.


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