What are BOD Incubators? Why are They Important?

What are BOD Incubators? Why are They Important

BOD incubators are popularly used in different industries to create an isolated chamber having temperature 20°C. Some industries need to test the products at a certain temperature where biochemical oxygen demand can be fulfilled. Germination studies, culturing of bacteria and study of insects and micro living beings utilise this machine to conduct precise observations. To get the best results for a longer run, it is important to maintain the working condition for a longer period. BOD Incubator manufacturers use high-quality materials to make this product. 

  • It is always advised to disconnect the power supply from the socket when the machine is not in use for a longer period.
  • Periodic servicing is very important to maintain the working conditions and to avoid the downtime of the machine. 
  • Always read the instruction manual and catalogue carefully before using it. And avoid overusing the machine than recommended cycle. It gradually affects the life of the machine.  

What is BOD Methodology?

These incubators are referred as biochemical oxygen demand or biological oxygen demand. In this, the microbes are consuming the oxygen and thus there is a severe depletion of the oxygen. In this process, the oxygen is used as electron acceptor. The organic material taken in by the microbes are giving them the energy to survive and multiply. Simultaneously, the process of oxidation is going on without any support from microbes. This all is measured by COD procedure i.e. chemical oxygen demand. 

How Is This Implemented in Industries?

To perform the test, the sample is placed in an air tight bottle. This bottle is then put inside the incubator for predefined time and conditions. The oxygen present in the sample starts to dissolve. The depletion of the oxygen in the sample is measured before and after the incubation process is over. To determine the BOD, the difference is calculated. The dissolved oxygen is used by the microbes to survive. If dissolved oxygen reaches a predefined value, this leads to the generation of foul smelling anaerobic bacteria. Which means the sample is contaminated during the test process and declared as fail. 

Where are BOD incubators used?

  • Industries like pharmaceutical, agriculture, beverages and research laboratories majorly depend on BOD incubators.
  • In industries, it is used in waste treatment plants to determine the efficiency of the treatment system.
  • It is used in beverages to identify the sustenance in intended working conditions. 
  • It is used in agricultural industry to determine the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

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