What Are the Key Benefits of Using Melt Flow Index Tester?

What Are the Key Benefits of Using Melt Flow Index Tester?

The constantly moving modernization into industrialization calls for the usage of polymer materials as the prime choice. These polymers are utilized in the production processes of various products because of their long-term durability and highly ductile properties.

The polymers are shaped into various products such as bottles, boxes, glasses, etc. to act as finished goods from their preform stage i.e. granules & resins. The process of converting these granules into preforms and then into finished products is extremely interesting but at the same time very crucial.

To convert these granules & resins into variable preforms for different product lines. These granules are melted at a certain temperature and then molded under elevated temperatures due to their increased ductility.

However, it is an extremely important parameter to determine the melt flow index of these granules and resins accurately as the molding process entirely depends upon the melt flow index of the material.  

The Presto Group has offered a top-notch lab testing instrument called the melt flow index tester, designed to aid manufacturers from all across the industries in identifying the melt flow index of these polymer granules & resins with absolute accuracy.

Let us take a look at how the melt flow index tester operates during the conduction of the test.

Operating Module of the Melt Flow Index Tester  

The instrument is equipped with an absolutely simple working module to allow the operator to conduct repeatable testing without any hassle at all and attain consistent results.

The test begins with the placement of the sample in the designated barrel for the positioning of the specimen. The operator must adhere to the amount of polymer being placed into the sample. The placed specimen must be in accordance with the size of the barrel and the guidelines of the standards.

Once the specimen is positioned precisely, it is now important to eradicate any air pressure present in the barrel with the help of a press tool that squeezes the sample, ensuring the same.

Once it is ensured that there is no air pressure or air gap left between the piston and the specimen, the operator can simply adjust the temperatures of the heaters incorporated within the barrels. These heaters can elevate the temperature to as much as 400 degrees Celsius.

The piston also exerts pressure on the specimen, forcing the specimen to melt through the die. The piston holds a pressure assembly of 2 psi which can be adjusted as per the requirement of the consumer.

The pressure and the elevated temperature within the barrel force the granules to melt together out of the die. This molten state of granules comes out of the die and encounters a rotating cutter which cuts the specimen into equal portions in a stick-like structure. These molten sticks fall onto a circular plate kept just below the die parallel to the rotating cutter, allowing the operator to simply collect the specimen and weigh the same.

The formula to determine the melt flow index is grams per 10 minutes. Therefore, the operator can simply assess the melt flow index by weighing the sample collected on the stainless circular plate every 10 minutes.

This is how the melt flow index machine determines the accurate test results repeatedly & consistently.

The machine performs at its best when maintained properly. The instrument is therefore offered with certain cleaning tools that should be used every time after the testing is performed as regular maintenance.

Vital Cleaning Measures to Undertake while Using Melt Flow Index Tester

·       The instrument is offered with a chemical called xylene that contains cleaning properties. It should be used with the help of a dye & barrel cleaner.

·       The dye cleaner is a device installed with the lab testing instrument that must be used for the cleaning of the leftover molten granules from the dye.  

·       The barrel leaner is another stick-like structure that is used with xylene chemical for the cleansing of molten granules before new testing from the barrel of the melt flow index test machine.

·       The instrument is occupied with a circular stainless steel plate. The plate is used to collect the molten granules after it is carved with the help of the rotating cutter. The same circular plate is used as a mirror to measure whether the dye and barrel are clean or not. To assess the same, the operator just has to assess whether light passes through the dye or not.

·       Along with barrel cleaner, barrel alignment also plays a pivotal role in achieving accurate results of the test as it aligns the barrel with the dye once the barrel is cleaned.

The instrument is designed with an accuracy-driven approach to make sure that there are no compromises on the quality of the final products. There are certain features that ensure the high levels of accuracy of the instrument.

High-end Accuracy Driven Features of Melt Flow Index Tester

·       Melt flow index tester offers a microprocessor-based digital display that enables easy recording of results.

·       Auto-rotating cutter for automatic sample cutting, minimizing human effort and increasing accuracy.

·       Certain cleaning instruments are offered along with the instruments that make sure that the machine is well-maintained for the long term.

·       The instrument is equipped with a robust construction due to the use of mild steel that is coated with 7-layered powder paint, incorporating a corrosion-resistant finish to the instrument.

·       The barrel has an even assembly of heaters that ensure uniform elevation of temperature from all around the specimen, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Get Your Hands on the Melt Flow Index Machine

To get an accurate melt flow index of polymer granules and resins, simply get your hands on the high-quality melt flow index tester right away. To know the melt flow index tester price you can feel free to dial +91 9210903903 or directly drop us an email at info@prestogroup.com

We aim to serve you with the finest lab testing instruments to help you keep up with the futuristic technology. Buy a melt flow index tester today.

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