What Can You Sterilize in a Hot Air Oven?

What Can You Sterilize in a Hot Air Oven?

The hot air oven is a product that will be used in the manufacturing industry to perform the process of sterilization using dry heat. This testing instrument at Presto Testing Instruments will be helpful in performing the process of sterilization of different types of specimens and articles.

You can easily operate this lab testing equipment at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius to perform the task. When you purchase this amazing testing instrument from Presto Testing Instruments, then you will get a list of advanced features equipped in this testing instrument. If we talk about the hot air oven principle for working, then it works with the fine gravity of convection in the highly heated electrical chamber of the unit. This instrument comprises of double-wall design and PID temperature controller that will be helpful in maintaining a consistent temperature in the cabinet.

Here in this blog, we are going to take you through a brief about the types of the specimen that can be placed in this testing instrument. So, you can read this blog to get information about different testing instruments.

Types of the specimen that can be sterilized using a hot air oven

As we have already discussed above, that this laboratory testing equipment is useful in sterilizing the specimen with the dry heat sterilization method. While choosing the specimen for testing, it is important to take care of its properties. This means that you should go with the items that will not melt or catches fires or change their shape when exposed to hot air.

Thus, we have created a list of some specimens that can easily be placed in a hot air oven and cannot get affected by the hot air principle of working. You can read about the list of items mentioned below.

  • Glassware like a petri dish, flasks, test tubes, and pipettes can be placed in this oven for testing.
  • Powdered materials like starch, zinc oxide, and sulfadiazine can easily be used for testing.
  • Those materials that contain some sort of oil can easily be tested in this testing equipment.
  • Some metal equipment like scalpels, scissors as well as blades can be sterilized in this testing equipment.

These are some specimen types that can easily be tested with the help of this laboratory testing equipment. You can easily make use of these specimens for testing.

This lab testing instrument works for several hours and produces extremely high temperatures that will be helpful in killing microorganisms and bacterial spores present in the specimen.

These hot air ovens make the use of conduction to sterilize the items by heating the outer surfaces of that item. Around 170 degrees of temperature can be used in this instrument to test the specimen. If we talk about the hot air oven specifications then this testing instrument contains an LED display and the size of the oven cabinet is around 18 inches x 18 inches x 18 inches. You can easily place your sample in the oven to sterilize it.

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