What Is A Muffle Furnace And Which Is The Best Muffle Furnace Manufacturer In India?

What Is A Muffle Furnace And Which Is The Best Muffle Furnace Manufacturer In India?

The muffle furnace is one of the most useful testing instruments that are used in laboratories for testing different materials. This amazing instrument requires a high amount of heat that will be used to conduct different tests. The muffle heating furnace used in the laboratory is ideal for heating treating, sintering processes, ceramic firing and many other applications. Thus, you can easily consult with a muffle furnace manufacturer like Presto Testing Instrument that provides you with this amazing testing equipment at affordable prices. We are considered to be the best in India when it comes to manufacturing testing instruments.

This testing instrument from Presto is designed as per IS and ASTM standards. With the help of a muffle furnace, you will be able to determine the ash content of a specimen. When it comes to working muffle furnace then the muffle furnace will isolate the samples from the fuel and combustion. This will help to eliminate the contamination of samples.

The muffle furnace is considered to be the ideal element that will be used in the materials testing, heat treatment, and quality control and ceramic as well as glass industries. There are several things you need to keep in mind while choosing the best muffle furnace for your requirement. So, let us get started!

Things You Must Keep In Mind While Choosing A Muffle Furnace

There are so many muffle furnaces available in the market. It is important for you to choose the best out of them. We are considered to be the reliable and most trustworthy muffle furnace manufacturer that provides you standardized muffle furnace for your industry.  Here we have created a list of some essential things that you must consider while purchasing the muffle furnace. So, read those essential things below.

  • It is very important for you to know about the temperature range of any muffle furnace you purchase. When you purchase a muffle furnace from Presto Testing Instruments then you will get guidance on the temperature range. You can even check out our muffle furnace present in the product category.
  • The size of the chamber also plays an important role while choosing the muffle furnace. If the chamber is of relevant size then the material can effectively act while testing and there will be no chances of heat escaping. You will get three different sizes of muffle furnace at Presto Testing Instruments.
  • The furnace you purchase should have temperature uniformity.
  • You must also consider the rise time factor while buying the muffle furnace. You should keep a note at which the rise time occurs and at what temperature.

These are some basic things you should keep in mind while purchasing this testing instrument. The muffle furnace manufacturer like Presto Testing Instruments will provide you with well-designed muffle furnaces. They have maximum thermal efficiency and shows accurate results of testing under uniform temperature in the chamber. It has been made of high-grade imported glass wool insulation with an advanced digital microprocessor-based PID temperature controller. Now, you will easily be able to calculate the percentage of ash.


Muffle furnaces are commonly used to determine the ash percentage of the specimen used for testing. You can make use of this amazing testing instrument in the pipes industry, plastic rope testing industries, footwear industry and many more.

Here in this article, we have given you brief information about the muffle furnace and from where you should purchase it. We have also listed some essential things that you should keep in mind while purchasing this amazing testing instrument.

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