What is Coefficient of Friction Test and Its Role in Packaging?

What is Coefficient of Friction Test and Its Role in Packaging

When material surfaces come into mechanical contact and slide against one another, intricate microscopic interactions will occur between them that may result in friction and wear. Friction may cause a variety of problems in the plastics sector throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes. As a result, the coefficient of friction tester is a useful testing instruments designed by the experts at Presto for reducing loss due to friction damage. This consistent tool will indicate the starting and sliding friction of plastic films, as well as sheets when slide over each other under specified test conditions.

Presto is a leading manufacturer of co-efficient of friction testers and designed different models of this lab testing equipment. You can easily check out the digital cum computerized model of co-efficient of friction testerBy using this lab testing equipment, you can easily assess the stackability of plastic films.

Let’s discuss brief information about the coefficient of friction test and what role does this lab testing equipment play in the packaging industry.

A brief introduction about co-efficient of friction test

The amount of friction between two surfaces is measured by the coefficient of friction. When the coefficient of friction is low, it signifies that less force is required to slide. A greater score indicates that more force is needed.

To optimize the performance of packaging films it's critical to understand a packaging film's coefficient of friction (COF). It can literally break the performance of the packaging line which will translate more or less money into your pocket.

The coefficient of friction testing results is influenced by a variety of factors, including paint coats, printing, and humidity. Presto Stantest is a leading co-efficient of friction testing manufacturers that provides quality-assured testing solutions to overcome a variety of testing difficulties. Lower co-efficient friction indicates that the surfaces are slicker, implying that the material is less resistive to sliding action. The materials of a component or part, the topographical qualities of the surfaces, and the surrounding factors, such as temperature, atmosphere, and chemical and biological environment, all impact friction behaviors. This value of the friction will be directly proportional to the slipping properties of the packaging films.

How you can easily perform a COF test for packaging films?

The static and dynamic friction tester is one of the efficient lab testing equipment that has been designed strictly as per the guidelines of the national & international standards and over the years has been acclaimed as a true instrument to measure the stackability of plastic films.

The value obtained for the friction coefficient will depend on both the load (pressure or perpendicular force applied) and the velocity. 

The friction coefficient is also a function of both surfaces, although polymer testing is almost always tested versus polished steel, and the result is then reported as an attribute of the polymer for the sake of comparison.

To perform the COF test with the help of a co-efficient of friction tester, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Plugin the mains lead to an electrical socket of 3 pin-5 Amp configuration.
  • Switch ON the Main Button from the Control Panel.
  • Switch ON the Indicator ON/OFF switches from the load indicator.
  • After the above settings, set the speed of the test, using the speed regulator pointer at point 5 and then switch the toggle switch to the right direction to move the slide block to the right of the machine using the toggle switch
  • The load will start indicating values on the Digital Display as it experiences the weight.
  • Note down the load readings from the Digital Screen to evaluate the Kinetic frictional force value.
  • When the machine reaches the extreme right, it will stop automatically. Press the Memory key once to get the Static frictional force value.

In this way, you can easily commence the test using this amazing lab testing equipment. Now, let us focus on the features and technical specifications of the co-efficient of friction tester.

Features of co-efficient of friction tester

The Presto coefficient of friction tester is one of the widely used testing instruments used for determining the surface-based characteristics of materials such as plastics, flexible packaging films, sheets, and other materials.

The COF test may be carried out under certain conditions to assist you in determining the static and kinetic coefficients of friction. Presto's laboratory testing device will aid in determining the stackability of plastic films. When the thickness of flexible films is unequal, the film strength will be uneven as well. With the use of this lab testing equipment, you can establish how much pressure the plastic film can withstand without being damaged.

  • Clamps are provided to attach a sample to the glass slab.
  • Safety switches are provided at the end surface to stop the motion of the load cell along with the weight.
  • Gives both dynamic and static friction.
  • Speed regulating knob.
  • Digital display for both kinetic and dynamic friction.
  • • Calibrated in accordance with ISO norms, Calibration Certificate provided traceable to (NABL).

Technical Specifications of Co-efficient of friction tester

  • Outer Body Construction: Mild Steel, Powder Coated
  • Sample Mounting Construction: Stainless steel with glass mounting
  • Load Cell Capacity: 5Kgf
  • Motor: Single phase, ¼ H.P
  • Display for load- Dual Display: Digital and Computerized
  • Block: Weight, Dimension, Thickness- 200gm, 63.5 x 63.5 mm, As per Load
  • Speed: 150±30mm/min
  • Standards: ASTM D1894, ASTM D202, ASTM D4918, ISO 8295 and TAPPI T815  
  • Power Supply: 220 V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase Power Supply      
  • Safety: Limit Switch
  • Weight of slide Clamp: 200g
  • Accuracy: 2.5%
  • Least Count: 1g

With these features and technical specifications, you will be able to conduct the test easily, with the help of this lab testing instrument. If you want to know about the co-efficient of friction tester pricediscounts, or want to have a FREE Sample testing session, then give us a call at +91-9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our team of technical experts will easily consult you regarding all your queries.

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