What is Muffle Furnace and Why It is Required?

What is Muffle Furnace and Why It is Required?

A huge amount of industrial products are composed of both organic and inorganic components. Although to ensure high performance and quality, the composition must be accurate and no material should exceed the limit prescribed for it. Sometimes, increasing value of inorganic content in the product can be a matter of worry as it can modify the expected quality of the product. Hence it is vital to conduct high standard testing procedures for assessment of inorganic substance in a material. For the same, many labs often use muffle furnace for performing ash content determination. In this blog section, we will put more efforts on understanding the testing apparatus and its importance well.

Understanding the testing apparatus

It is a machine in which samples are tested at a temperature where they get completely burnt down. It is mostly used as Rubber & Plastic (Polymer) Testing Instruments. It usually works on a temperature range of 900°C to 1400°C. The noteworthy thing here is that sample is not burnt down into flames, instead heated to a temperature where organic components get changed into fumes and only ash content is left behind. Ash is deliberately added into the raw material to alter the properties.

It can efficiently test materials like rubber, plastic, food etc. The furnace is made up of brick and ceramic to tolerate the high temperature.

The test procedure
The sample that has to be analysed is kept in the crucible bowl that comes with the machine. The bowl is the capability to withstand the high-temperature range without affecting the properties of the sample. The sample is weighed along with the bowl. The bowl is placed in the furnace and as per the test requirements, the temperature is set. Once the sample burnt down completely, the bowl is taken out and weighed again. The difference in weight is the ash content present in the sample.

Presto offers a smart model of a Muffle furnace with user-friendly controls and digital panel. The machine is fitted with PID controller to keep the temperature in the range. The inside body is made up of brick and ceramic whereas the outer body is made up of mild steel. The machine comes with all the safety features for the operator.

Key features of the instrument:

• Temperature sensing through the J-type sensor.
• Highly accurate test results under uniform temperatures.
• PID Control for Temperature.
• High-Grade density imported Glass Wool Blanket insulation.
• Maximum Thermal Efficiency by insulation means.
• SSR based heaters.
• Auto-tuning Advance PID controller


To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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