What is Rolling Ball Tack Tester and Its Working Principle?

What is Rolling Ball Tack Tester and Its Working Principle

Tack or stickiness is one of the most important properties of materials like pressure-sensitive adhesives that will allow the material to adhere to a surface, with slight pressure. If you are searching for one of the best testing equipment to measure the tack of adhesive then we suggest you go with Presto rolling ball tack tester. This is one of the amazing testing equipment that measures the ability of adhesives that rapidly adhere to the other surface.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with brief information about this amazing lab testing equipment and on what principle does it work. So, let us get started.

A brief introduction about rolling ball tack tester

Adhesive materials are mostly used in the packaging industry. Whether it is food, pharmaceuticals, or other packaging industries, you can easily make use of adhesives to fasten the bond between two surfaces. The faster the two surfaces bond the higher will be the tack of the adhesive. Thus, you can easily make use of a rolling ball tack tester to measure the ability of the adhesive to rapidly adhere to other surfaces. 

 This laboratory testing instrument will work on the balling method and the primary adhesive property of adhesive tapes could be obtained by observing the adhesive effect that occurred immediately after rolling ball and adhesive specimen come into contact. The steel ball will be allowed to roll down from a specific starting point on the grooved path inclined at the specific angle to the base of the test platform. You can also read about how you can efficiently operate a rolling ball tack tester.

To have a hassle-free experience, you can easily consult with our technical experts. They will guide you about how you can easily perform the test and make use of this equipment. Now, let us discuss its working principle.

Working principle of rolling ball tack tester

The rolling ball tack tester works on the principle of ball method where a steel ball will be allowed to get a roll down from a specific starting point. This ball will be inclined at a specific angle to the base of the test platform. The pressure-sensitive tape will be affixed just beneath the end of an inclined grooved path of the platform. The rolling ball attains maximum velocity at touch down and rolls above the tacky surface which retards its motion by virtue of resistance offered by the adhesive till it stops the ball. The shorter the distance traveled the higher is the tackiness of the adhesive coating.

Whenever you are going to conduct the test with the help of this lab testing equipment, then you can clean the mirror surface and paste the sample over there. Just paste the adhesive tape over the mirror surface in such a way that the adhesive part will be on the upper side. After that, you can easily put the SS ball in the ball fixture area. Then you can move the knob upwards. The ball will be traveled over the sample. In this way, you can easily measure the traveling distance of the ball over the sample with the help of T in the reference to the steel scale. Now, you see how easy it is to conduct the test with the help of this amazing lab testing equipment.

Features of rolling ball tack tester

This lab testing equipment has been equipped with several advanced features that make it unique to use. Here is the list of features you will get with the help of a rolling ball tack tester.

  • You can test the adhesive property of specimens within a few minutes.
  • You can easily test the steel balls that are designed strictly according to the national standards which ensure the accuracy of test data.
  • The angle of inclination has been placed freely in order to meet customer demands.
  • The spring lever will be designed to release the ball with minimal user interference.
  • You can easily load the ball for quick and easy operation.
  • CNC machine inclined trough is engineered for a smooth and accurate test.

With this advanced set of features, you will be able to test the tackiness of the adhesives. The technical specification of this lab testing equipment is mentioned below.

Technical specifications of rolling ball tack tester

  • Angle range: 60 degree
  • Test table area width: 50 mm (glass surface)
  • Standard steel ball: 7/16 inch- 11 mm (1/32 inch – 1 inch optional)
  • Range of scale: 300 mm
  • Scale least count: 1mm

Now by knowing the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment, you can easily measure the tackiness of adhesives for this lab testing equipment. If you need any assistance on its working, price, or features then we suggest you give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our technical team of experts will surely assist you and help you solve all your queries.  

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