Why Are Humidity Chambers Important for Electronics Industry?

Why Are Humidity Chambers Important for Electronics Industry

Electronic circuits are very delicate to environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. Therefore, environmental testing is important to assess how components and modules will behave when there is a drastic change in relative humidity and temperature. Two types of tests can be performed on electronic circuits using humidity chambers; one is static in which temperature and humidity will remain constant, second is periodic in which moisture is simulated in the electronic circuit to bring the failure or a combination of both. However, a combination of both is used rarely.

Adjudge uncertain behaviour under different work conditions.

Apart from other aspects, humidity test is conducted to judge the effects of environmental changes on the components installed on the circuit board, e.g mechanical failure when subjected to frost, material degradation due to epoxy varnishes, optical failures due to fogging or water tightness failure due to packaging and so on. Environmental tests are important to perform because sometimes a component which is inexpensive for buyer’s may burn a hole in the pocket when replaced due to failure. Thus, this test is gaining importance in different industries that involve electronic circuits like copiers, satellites, automobiles, oil exploration devices.

Presto Group is offering Humidity chamber in 2 models, one is a standard digital model while other is Prima Series. The Prima Series is equipped with computer adaptability and allows data logging. This machine comes with a software which allows the operator to control it through the computer. We are manufacturing this testing machine since decades and thus understand the testing needs in depth. Call us today to know how we can help you achieving testing goals.

Check points for temperature/ humidity testing

Our humidity chamber will help you in conducting various tests to know the reliability of electronic circuits before their mass production is started. If your test sample succeeds in surviving the cyclic test of temperature and humidity, it is good to go for intended conditions during shipping, storage, and functioning periods. During the test, it is not necessary to control it when the temperature is as low as 0°C or even below. The operator can allow the relative humidity to go below 10°C. On the other hand, the temperature above 50°C, it becomes important to control the relative humidity to prevent the condensation in the electronic circuit.

After a period of high relative humidity and high temperature, it becomes important to dry out the chamber at the lowest relative humidity, otherwise, this may lead condensation in the electronic circuit. To avoid any discrepancy in the test results, we make sure that testing standards issues by ASTM are being followed.

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