Why ASTM B117 Corrosion Test Chamber is best for Specific Coating or Material?

Why ASTM B117 Corrosion Test Chamber is best for Specific Coating or Material?

ASTM B117 Corrosion test is a decade old test method and is renowned in almost every vertical. It is used for testing the resistance of Test material or a Coating against programmed accelerated corrosion conditions. The test always considered the best method for quality control of surface coatings and paints. The coating engineers too believed that ASTM B117 is the best method for getting the real picture of your coating system prior to its delivery into the real world.

But things moved against this method, when people used it for other purposes which were not supposed to be something ASTM authorities approve of, i.e. comparing different coatings or materials and rank them based on corrosion test values. This was and still is the wrong interpretation. The Salt spray test was originally invented for evaluating the quality of a particular coating or material specimen against the salt-laden environment and visually inspect their survival strength after distinct time intervals and decide if they are fit enough as per their criteria or not. But comparing two different coating or a coated and non-coated material is simply incorrect. This way user can get misleading data and further the ASTM method will be there to blame.
The test method must not be cursed for the incorrect ways it has been used. It is the best known method when used for quality control of a specific coating but not for comparisons or ranking different material. Also, the utilization of the latest model in the market for conducting such tests will add more precision and be helpful to acquire the most accurate data. Presto Group brings you an incredible corrosion test chamber which strictly adheres international test standards including ASTM B117. It is known by the name of Salt Spray Chamber – Korrox III Model. The chamber is the best fit for ASTM standard methods. It is specially designed using Triple walled Fiber Reinforced Body which is strong and highly insulated to prevent any loss of test conditions such as heat, temperature etc. Equipped with advanced HMI based Touchscreen display which provides wide flexibility in selection of Test programs as per industry requirements. It allows next-level monitoring Via Ethernet connectivity, remote control and web page monitoring. Presto provides huge customization option in sizes of the chamber. The user can get their desired size and not pay for what they don’t need.

To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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