Why Cross Hatch test is an Inevitable Part of Paint Industry?

Why Cross Hatch test is an Inevitable Part of Paint Industry?
The paint industry is day by day rising in the market. Which means its competition is also increasing. Do you have any wild guess why that is happening? Because of the main reason for customer attraction, colour. The bright colours on every product in the world are coated and painted with best quality paints. With changing the time you must have noticed that there are so many shades and colours which are introduced in the market. Then what happens, slowly the others sitting in the market starts following the trend and one day they also stand in the same line. Now how to become the trendsetter and not the follower? By improving paint quality. In this post, we will learn more about the role of Cross Hatch Tester in the paint industry.
Now we are here talking about the quality. What people in the paint industry is doing right now is focusing upon the shade, the shine, the reflectiveness and design of the paint but how many of them are thinking of making that colour or shade or brightness stays for long? Now that is your space. This is where you can work out and be the new trendsetter in the market, do something which is not focused on by others. Start small to achieve big. To see if your manufactured coating or paint will stay good or not we need to check its adhesion power. When we apply the paint on a surface it gets attached to the surface. Now by using Cross hatch tester, you can test the resistance towards separation of the painted sample. This instrument is very easy to handle and use. There are three distinct types of blades which are offered with the device. These blades are of distinct thickness. And can be used as per requirement. The handle is designed with maximum friction so that it does not slip away from the hand while testing it.
You need to hold the cross hatch tester and fit the blade on it as per your need and the move t over the coated sample over and over again with the same force and see at which point it gets cracked or destroyed, a good coating would not fail easily.

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