Why do we need to Test Compression Resistance of Golf Balls?

Why do we need to Test Compression Resistance of Golf Balls?

Imagine a situation of a customer, when they stand in front of the display of golf balls and is facing difficulty to choose between them. He may be scratching his head load to decide which brand to select and for what reason. Then, the shopkeeper points out few brands while assisting him. Why he did that? Whatever product is purchased by the customer is his benefits then why he pinpointed that one or two product out of all. QUALITY! The standards, brand name, reputation all are associated with the quality your product delivers. And when talking about Golf Balls, there are few properties of them that make the one brand better than all others. In this blog section, we will discuss one such important property of golf balls, i.e. the Compression resistance.

What is ball compression test?
Compression resistance is the level of the fight a golf ball can exert under compression load until it deforms. This test is a calculation of the amount of deformation a golf ball undergoes when a fixed amount of pressure is applied to it. This type of test simulates the situation when the balls are hit on the field. Hence, it can very cleverly define the behaviour of the products while undergoing real-life pressure at the lab. The lower the rating the more the ball deforms and feels softer, the higher the rating the less the ball deforms and feels firmer. This type of test can be conducted on an efficient Ball compression tester.

Different players have distinct choices in balls, depending upon their game technique and preferences, but usually, players prefer a ball that feels consistent in their performance when played for a long time. A ball losing its quality with time is a Big No for anyone.

Why we require a compression test?
Golfer Quality
For beginner to intermediate golfers, a low compression ball can help them in covering more field area in yards and shorten the length of the course. Whereas higher quality golfer is more concerned about precision hitting and will prefer a hardball to achieve that. An accurate compression value can help them choose the right ball.

Swing Speed
When golfers become serious in their gaming career about their swing, they follow the golf ball compression chart diligently to match their swing speed to the correct compression value. For a faster swing speed, a higher compression is required which means the ball will not compress much and allow the golfer more control over the ball. A slower swing speed golfer should prefer a lower compression to maximize distance and take advantage of the spring-like effect off the club.

Presto offers a high quality of ball compression tester to test the compression strength of balls or sport related products accurately. The standardized and precise design can offer the perfect compression chart for your product.


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