Why flammability testing of plastic is important?

Why flammability testing of plastic is important?
In case your plastic component or any part used in automobiles or electronic appliances are not of a good quality they may lead to melting, cracking or even can catch fire on exposure of high temperatures or direct heat. Also what happens is sometimes the adjoining plastic parts may also catch fire or start getting damaged along with the faulty part, which results in poor performance or zero performance of the product. In this post, we will learn how an efficient flammability tester is required to conduct quality testing of plastic components.
In order to avoid such failure conditions, standardization authorities have generated quality criteria for a plastic product that must be passed by any sort of plastic part prior to its selection for market use. This certification is based on the flammability behaviour of a plastic part. It specifies that is any product or plastic component have cleared the test and is certified with this standard, it means it will have a lower susceptibility towards melting down or ignition. 

All About UL 94 standardization

UL or Underwriters Laboratories is a sole authority which delivers the certifications for product safety and related testing. The UL94 standard testing method and its certification is trusted worldwide for flammability behaviour of plastic part
UL94 certification is delivered on the basis of following test methods:
  • Horizontal Burn – this test provides an HB Rating certificate. In this, a sample to be tested which has less than 3 mm thickness is tested by keeping it horizontally. It gets cleared if it gets ignite at a rate of lower than 76 mm/min.
  • Vertical Burn - this test provides a V-0 to V-2 Rating certificate. In this, the sample to be tested is placed vertically. In this case, the Burning must get off within the time period of 10-30 seconds.
Presto’s Flammability tester is a similar testing instrument which follows this standard. It is used to conduct the Standard flammability test and assure the customers that the plastic part you are manufacturing is cleared with UL 94 certification. It helps in selection of your products on the basis of its flammability behaviour and improves your sales figures in the market.

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