Why Tensile Test Is Important for Plastic Industry?

Why Tensile Test Is Important for Plastic Industry

To ensure the quality of the products, different tests are performed. Tensile testing is one important test which is widely performed in almost every industry. This test helps in assessing the strength of the material to resist the outward pull or tension. It also helps in determining the elongation and necking of the materials. Sometimes also called yield strength of the material. 

How to Perform the Tensile Test?

1) Tensile test cannot be performed on any material as it is. A dumbbell shaped sample is need to the prepared from the material.

2) This specimen is clamped in the upper and lower jaws of the computerised tensile testing machine. The sample placement is very important. The wide edges should be completely clamped by the jaws. 

3) Turn on the machine and set the values to be applied on the sample

4) As the machine is turned on, the jaws will start moving in opposite directions, this will cause an application of tension on the sample. 

5) The test can be stopped on necking or as soon as sample is fractured. The machine stops automatically. 

6) The load at which sample is break or necking appears is measured. 



1) The machine is made up of sturdy and robust material.

2) The machine is loaded with safety features like safety limit switch, over load protection and over travel protection. 

3) The parts used in the machine, like motor, comes with extended shelf life for low maintenance cost.

4) It is designed with high quality corrosion proof finish for rust protection.


Technical specifications 

1) The machine is available in different capacities like 500 kilograms per centimetre square to 1000 kilograms per centimetre square.

2) Grip separation is 25mm to 700mm

3) S type load sensor makes machine highly sensitive for the measurements. 

4) The test accuracy is claimed as ± 0.5%.


How it is Used in Plastic Industry?

There are many plastic products that need to have certain strength to bear the tension. Not only rigid plastics but flexible too. The tensile testing ensures that products have enough strength to tolerate the high external physical stress. Materials like LDP, HDPT etc. are used in critical industries. Thus, the manufacturer must assure that they are perfectly fit in the application.

Presto Group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of computerised tensile testing machine. With an experience over 3 decades, the machines are made according to the requirements of the manufacturer. For customisation requests, just call us. 


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