Why we need CASS Salt Spray Test in Metal Quality Control?

Why we need CASS Salt Spray Test in Metal Quality Control?

Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test or CASS Test is a very important aspect of quality control in the metal industry. This test is used to check the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys. It is also conducted to check the chromium plating quality in a salt-laden environment. Earlier the test was only used to test the electrodeposited coating layer of nickel, copper or chromium on the metal surface. However, with introduction of innovative technologies the CASS salt spray test is now utilized in several industries. The test have specified requirements and standards to follow. Therefore, the testing chamber must be designed precisely and capable of conducting CASS salt spray test as per the International global standards.

CASS cum Salt Spray Chamber presented by Presto Stantest is a highly advanced and standardized testing solution for inspecting the corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys. It can also inspect the quality of coating and plating. It imitates the real-life Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test to test the aluminium alloys or plating. The chamber design and construction is done as per multiple global test standards such as ASTM B117, ASTM B368 – 09 and JIS Z 2371. With HMI based Touchscreen operation, and an ergonomic control panel, the salt spray tester is very easy to operate. Keeping in mind the ease of the customer, control panel and the main testing chamber has a gap in between. Pneumatic canopy lift system is equipped for smooth opening and closing of the hood. Even while designing the canopy the angles are set in a way that during the test the salt-laden droplet which sits in the wall are not dropped straight on the sample placed but will slide through the canopy angle and enter an empty space.
A water level indicator installed in the salt spray chamber will let you know the exact quantity the chamber has. Automated leveller for Air saturator. High standard sample positioning system. Fog collection funnel which is kept outside the chamber to see if the inside salt fog is formed well or not. Unlike other chambers, it is kept outside so you don’t need to open the chamber and disturb the inside salt environment. Air purge system installed which is required to settle down the inside fog before opening the hood after test completion. This avoids the spread of corrosive air in the outside surrounding.
There are many other features which come with Presto salt spray tester. To know more you may contact our support team.

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