Why You Should Take Melt Flow Index Measurements?

Why You Should Take Melt Flow Index Measurements?

If you are searching for a reliable testing machine that will be used to measure the melt flow index of polymers or plastics then we recommend you to use a melt flow index tester from Presto Testing Instruments. The melt flow index is the measure of the ease of flow of the melting polymer. This amazing testing instrument will be used to conduct the melt flow index of plastics by maintaining a specific range of temperature. This testing instrument will measure the flow of materials and provide vital material properties in the plastic extrusion process.

Melt flow index tester models from PRESTO

This amazing testing instrument from Presto will dive you through the melting properties of polymers. You will be able to get an idea about the flow-ability of materials. This test will be conducted at different test conditions and help in measuring melt viscosity under constant load and low shear rates. This test makes the use of a specific size of die in a heated barrel that will force the polymer through the orifice. If we talk about the melt flow index tester of Presto, then you will get three amazing models of this testing instrument. It includes:

  • Melt flow index tester –Deluxe model
  • Melt flow index tester – NXG model
  • Melt flow index tester –MFR model

These three models have different properties that will help to evaluate the flow properties of molten plastics. They are made up of the latest technology and help to evaluate the flow properties of molten plastics or resins. Automatic sample cutting and digital preset timer for accuracy are one of the most amazing features of this testing machine. The best part is that this machine is corrosion resistant and it has a microprocessor-based PID controller for ease of operation. To know more about these machines, you can easily visit the product section of each model.

The MFI will act as an indicator of the flowability of thermoplastic materials. There are many researchers that established a relationship of MFI Tester with several mechanical, chemical and thermal properties such as yield stress and viscosity.

It is very important to determine the force and temperature needed in the process of testing as it will be useful in maintaining the product quality. The value obtained by using this testing instrument will be a single data point. The melt flow index will be helpful in testing the material at one shear stress and temperature.

If you get a high value of melt flow index measurement then it has lower material viscosity while with the high value the result will be vice versa. So, you can easily buy this testing instrument to do a comparison of flow properties for different materials. You can just give us a call on +91 129 4272727 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our team will respond in less time and solve all your queries related to this testing instrument.


Here in this blog, we have discussed the importance of taking MFI measurements with the help of a melt flow index tester. With the help of this testing machine, you will easily be able to determine the flow of materials that will be measured in grams. The testing is done according to industry standards that are provided by ASTM and ISO standards. The focus of this test is to meet the principle conditions that are necessary to perform the test. If you go with this testing instrument from Presto then you will get various standard accessories with it. This will help to make the device working even simpler. Thus, you can easily test the quality of materials by performing this test. So, check the quality of polymers and plastics with the help of this testing instrument.

Have a look at different models of this testing instrument and select one that fits your needs. For more assistance, you can contact us via mail or call us at +91 129 4272727. We will get back to you as soon as possible and guide you in a better way.

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