Wide Usage Of Packaging Products Necessitates Strength Check

Wide Usage Of Packaging Products Necessitates Strength Check

Use of paper in our daily life cannot be taken for granted as it not only let us enjoy our lives but are in our daily routines with great efficiency. We begin our mornings by enjoying paper products such as carton holding juice, packaging that holds breakfast cereals etc.

Even in the digital age, papers are in our daily habit such as bags holding groceries, clothing purchase etc. Paper is used vide many industries and manufacturing units to keep the air clean and providing a protective robe and innovative packaging.

Corrugated boxes and materials are the most modern and popular shipping container as it is sturdy and economical. Packaging plays an important part in our daily lives. Corrugated are made from three layers of thick paper stock clubbed together. The wavy piece of paper stock is known as fluted cardboard which comes in various sizes to give many levels of strength.
Keeping in mind all the facts, it is important for the manufactures to give surety about packaging products utilised for various purposes and not compromising with the quality. Packaging of products need to be the best and should comply with standards to fulfil the need of customers.
Manufacturers can test the quality of packaging materials by using testing machines. Testing strategies and methods are to be followed by the manufacturers to provide safety to the products. Many testing machines are used in manufacturing units to assure the quality of products.
Bursting strength tester is one of the most effective testing instrument to check the quality of packaging materials. Bursting strength is one of the major property to analyse the strength and quality of packaging materials. It also helps to make an analysis on which materials are to be used for various applications. Usually, the packaging products cannot resist excessive pressure on the edges. So, it is vital to perform a bursting strength test on the packaging products as it may cause distress later. The bursting strength is conducted on materials like paperboards, plastic films, corrugated paper boards etc.
Bursting strength tester can be availed by the user in three different models. They are Analogue model, Digital model, Pneumatic model and the computerised model. The machines are designed and developed as per company standards such as ASTM and ISO. It can be performed by taking a sample of corrugated box or paper in round shape. By placing the device on the diaphragm and applying pressure on the sample, checks the durability of the sample until it bursts. The amount of force is recorded by the sensor. The peak value or the maximum force is recorded as the bursting force.

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