Callibration Services

For more than 35 years,
Presto® has provided
calibrations of the utmost

As a provider of verification services Presto Stantest has Calibration services available in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai, India. All calibrations are traceable to the National Accreditation Board (NABL) for testing and calibration Laboratories.

Compliance to International Standards

Our services are planned and designed to guarantee that your testing instruments meet relevant standards. Our calibration experts are qualified and supported by the essential calibration apparatus and standards to authenticate and regulate all Presto Stantest testing equipments. In addition to the Presto products, we can verify other brands of instruments used in your facility. Our worldwide presence, assortment of abilities, and experience make us an international calibration leader for product testing solutions.

Maintaining Data Integrity, Accuracy, and Traceability

Our conformance laboratories are NABL accredited laboratories that have verified impartiality, competence, and the performance ability essential to provide a high level of assurance in the results from your testing instruments. Our calibration services perform uncertainty analysis, data acquisition, and checks against ASTM and ISO requirements. This Presto® calibration information also enables us to present you with digitally encrypted right to access to your conformance or verification certificates. Our calibration certificate delivers the flexibility and benefits of electronic files with assurance in the reliability of the data within your calibration certificates.