Color Matching D65 light box is popular in several industries. It is used to inspect material colour quality under distinct lighting conditions. It can check if the colour is consistent with the master shade or not and if it is the same under any lighting condition. Interested clients can now have Color Matching Cabinet in Bangalore, Karnataka and across the nation.


As per a natural optical phenomenon, Metamerism one colour may look different under distinct lighting conditions. This can disturb the colour quality of the products and sale. Hence, it is important for the manufacturers that before supplying your product to customers, they must check if their colour is consistent under distinct light sources. To test this one may use the leading test chamber, D65 light box by Presto Stantest. The viewing booth size is customizable as per client requirements. It is made up of high-grade steel material and plated with corrosion resistant paint for long-run performance. Equipped with 5 standard light sources under which the colour can be checked if the appearance is consistent or not. The sample placement area is also tilted to 45 degrees as per the standard design. Get Color Matching Cabinet in Bangalore with full technical support.

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