PET bottles are used to pack different products such as carbonated drinks, liquids, pharmaceutical syrups, food items and many more. The size and shape of the bottles are important parameters that not only explain the quality of the PET products but also maintain the hygiene of the products that are packed inside. For maintaining best weight and size, it is necessary to weigh every section of the bottle individually. This is possible by cutting the bottles perfectly in three sections without deforming the actual shape. This can be done with high-quality of Hot Wire bottles cutter. Presto Stantest is the leading and renowned manufacturers of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Plastics.


Presto offers the best quality of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Plastics. The instrument is designed to cut the sections of the bottles perfectly. The maximum capacity of the bottles can be cut with the device us 200ml or 2000ml. The PET bottles with maximum diameter up to 110 mm can be cut easily using thus testing instrument. Each section of the bottle can be cut with the device in appropriate dimensions without deforming the shape and size of the bottles. After cutting the bottle in three sections, every section is weighed using the digital balance for proper weight measurement in order to assess the quality of the PET bottles in an appropriate manner. This test procedure helps the manufacturers in PET & Preform industries to ensure the quality of the PET products in a suitable manner.

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