Bond Strength Tester

Presto manufactures a broad range of Bond Strength Tester. The testing machine is used to judge the bond strength or permanence of self-adhesive materials, such as tapes and other sensitive materials. Bond strength of the instrument is defined as the strength which is required to remove a pressure sensitive material from the standard test plate under some specific conditions by placing a specimen at a particular angle to separate the adhesive material with a specific speed.


The lab testing machine is designed keeping in mind various standard test methods and is widely recommended for plastic and paper and packaging industries.

Presto's Bond Strength Tester is the best and high-quality testing machine which is capable of peeling the laminated and self-adhesive materials from an angle of 180o with the rate of 300mm per minute. The instrument offers the accuracy of +/- 2%. Presto Stantest offers a table top model with the facility of calibration. The device is easy to operate. It is designed with two jaws to clamp the sample of the adhesive to measure its bond strength when they move in opposite direction.

Moreover, the peel adhesion fixture can also be set at an angle of 90o that helps to evaluate the response of the laminates and self-adhesive materials. The testing instrument is built on the rigid metallic base plate that ensures the stability of the device. Presto Stantest also manufactures the range of Bond Strength tester for the manufacturers of Nigeria, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, UAE, and Zambia so the manufacturers in these countries can also measure the quality of their packaging product.

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