Box Compression Tester in Haridwar

Compression testing machine is used to evaluate the performance of corrugated boxes and containers. The boxes are checked for their crushing resistance strength under increasing vertical load. Now user can get Box Compression Tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for Packaging and carton box industry.


The corrugated boxes or fiberboard cardboard boxes as per their quality can sustain a particular amount of compressive load. The more resistant the boxes are, the more they will be preferred by customers. Therefore, they are often tested to determine their original compression strength and according to that their applications are decided. The machined used for testing the property is called compression tester. It is made up of high-grade mild steel material and is coated with corrosion resistant paint. Equipped with double columns for smooth travelling of compression plate. The plate is loaded with a load cell which is calibrated from NABL certified labs. The compression speed and pressure can be set as per requirement. The test data which is the compression load is automatically recorded by the machine in digital format. The accuracy is guaranteed by the Microprocessor based software program. Get Box Compression Tester in Haridwar for calculating the compression strength of boxes.

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