Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous & Non Ferrous

Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous & Non Ferrous

It is one of the best product to measure the coating thickness measurement of ferrous and non-ferrous coatings. Designed ergonomically to use in on-site inspection, its portable nature makes it easy to use. It has a bright LCD display for easy reading. The machine has very simple operation and does not require special skills to operate the instrument. It is used to determine the quality and life expectancy of the thickness coating.


Presto’s coating thickness gauge is used to measure the thickness of the coating on the surface. The instrument has capability to measure the non-conductive coating in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It is true professional product for material thickness measurement or coating thickness measurements and flaw detection. It can give accurate measurement of non-conductive coating for non-ferrous surfaces like aluminum, zinc, copper, tin and ferrous surfaces like iron. It is primarily based on eddy current measurement methods. It is a popular way of non-destructive coating. It is a feature loaded instrument and designed in a manner so that special skills are not required for operating it. It comes with flexible leads for easy operation. Non-destructively measure thickness of non-conductive coating (Paint, enamel, rubber plastic etc.) on magnetic (iron) & non-magnetic metal (Aluminum, copper, zinc, Tin, etc.) substrates.

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