Color Matching Cabinet in Ahmedabad

The colour matching box is used to check the colour consistency of any product under different lighting condition. It is seen that the colour is developing metamerism issues or not. The cabinet is designed as per international colour testing standards. Now purchase Color Matching Cabinet in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and across the nation.


The colour of any surface may look different under different lighting conditions. It can be possible that a plastic which is coated with red colour may look red under natural daylight and look wine under fluorescent light. This is called metamerism issue. When one colour appears distinct under different light sources. To control this phenomenon, the manufacturer must modify their shades according to that. They must assure that the product may appear a bit different but doesn’t change its colour completely. To implement the same, first, the sample must be seen under lighting conditions which are offered by the colour matching box. You can watch your sample behaviour under 5 distinct light sources. Now you can have Color Matching Cabinet in Ahmedabad and in other prime regions of India.

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