Color Matching Cabinet in Pantnagar

The colour matching box is used for checking the colour consistency of material under distinct light sources. It can help in solving the issues of colour metamerism which can impact product sales. Get Color Matching Cabinet in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for testing product colour quality and standard.


Colour Metamerism is an important phenomenon which can easily affect the colour of products. According to this an applied shade or colour can look different under multiple light sources such as natural daylight, fluorescent light, UV black light etc. To check if your product is looking the same or at least the way it is expected to appear under the distinct lights, it must be checked for its quality using the colour matching box. The machine is fitted with a standard angular platform for placing the specimen, this way the light will fall with a fixed angle so that the colour quality can be checked by the user. It has 5 forms of light sources to test if the product is showing metamerism or not. Quartz timer has been fitted in the machine for noticing the time duration. The test procedure is also very easy to perform. You just need to keep the product in the chamber at the stage and switch the lights on one by one to see the colour quality. The test result is visually inspected and judged you can now get Color Matching Cabinet in Pantnagar for performing colour matching activities.

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