Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum USA)

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Color Matching Cabinet Spectrum USA is a consistent tool useful for visual assessment and evaluation of colors. Used in various industries..


Spectrum II -(USA)







Color Matching Cabinet Spectrum USA is a consistent tool useful for visual assessment and evaluation of colors. Used in various industries and laboratories to maintain quality and color consistency of a sample to detect the phenomenon of metamerism.

For general color evaluation of small samples, the Color Matching Cabinet- Spectrum USA (Colour Matching Cabinet made as per American Buyers with Feather Touch Microprocessor Control) is highly useful. It allows easy and quick comparison of standard and sample in a color-neutral environment.

The equipment is fitted with SIX Light Sources as per International Standards:

  • D 65 – Artificial daylight – 2 Nos. (6500 K, CIE D 66, Average North Sky Day light)
  • INCA A – Incandescent Light – 4 1 Nos.
  • TL 84 Light – Point of Sale – 1 No.
  • UVB Light – Ultra Violet – 1 No.
  • CWF Light – Cool White Florescent – 1 No.(4150K, typical slone / office light wide band)
  • UL 30 Light – Ultra Loom 30 – 1 No.


    • Angle of Viewing Booth: 45 Degree
    • Viewing Booth Material: Wood or Steel
    • Lights:
      • D 65 Artificial Daylight,
      • TL 84 Triphospher Fluorescent Light (Point of Sale),
      • UV-B Blacklight Ultra Violet Black Light,
      • INCA Incandescent Light,
      • U-30 Ultra-loom 30 light
    • Time Totalizer: Up to 10000 hours
    • No. of D-65 lights: 2
    • No. of U-30 lights: 1
    • No. of UV-B lights: 1
    • No. of TL-84(Point of Sale) lights: 1
    • No. of INCA lights: 1
    • No. of CWF lights: 1
    • Accessories:
      • Starter: 1nos.,
      • Viewing Booth 45 Degree: 1 nos.


    • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • High-Quality Light sources used
    • Fitted with Electronic Choke for Instant Illumination.
    • Easy to manage; fitted with individual switches for each light source.
    • Imported Hour totalizer incorporated.



From ensuring quality we only understood in taking care of the production line and testing procedure were Always those visual inspections. but when to make a positive change we purchased the colour matching cabinet from presto, we Realized that there were so many defects and glitches in our product which were there to improve. we never though that metamerism can be the reason we are lagging behind in the market. Thanks to Presto, they recognized quality in our company.

— Brian Wilson

Very much accurate and reliable results - satisfied to use the product.

— Neeraj Jain

Good Product. Covers all light sources required for USA specified color matching.

— Sushil Taneja

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