Compressive Strength of Carton Box

Presto aids to test the compressive strength of carton box with the use of B C tester. The testing procedure is important for the plastic packaging industries because most of the company rely on carton boxes to store the food items or other items.


The compression, strength or stacking power of cartons, corrugated boxes, paper tanks, paper cases, crates, etc. are determined with the help of B C tester. The test helps to provide the highest strength of the corrugated boxes and the other packaging materials. This is an efficient test to check the quality of the material and workmanship of a box.

At the time of transportation, a large number of corrugated boxes are placed one above the other that causes boxes to deform or damage due to overload. The sudden damage is avoidable with prior testing of the compressive strength of carton box in which a test specimen of the carton box is placed between two parallel plates, and maximum pressure is applied that a box can tolerate or until damaged. For this procedure, a standard time period is set in the digital panel provided. The maximum compression strength to compress the test specimen aids the manufacturers to select the right quality of the boxes and prevents from a significant damage. By determining the highest strength of boxes, the good quality material can be selected and used for packaging the products required by different industries. The testing procedure is based on the load and bend analysis procedure that enables easy comparison of quality of cartons with the standard specimen.

The first impression of a product delivered to a customer is the packaging of that product. A damaged or deformed packaging throws negative impact of the service provider as well as lowers the reputation of the company. The prior testing of carton box strength enables to use the good material for manufacturing the quality boxes that can bear the weight of the goods.

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