Core Compression Tester Motorized

The Presto newly launched motorized model of core compression tester has been designed for measuring the compression strength of paper cores such as winding rolls of plastic films. It is a highly accurate and reliable laboratory testing instrument that features a powerful motorized mechanism to determine the core strength of materials.


It comes with an inbuilt calibration facility, which ensures that this testing instrument will provide highly accurate lab testing results. The motorized system is maintenance-free, making it a reliable and long-lasting laboratory testing instrument in the paper and packaging industry.

Besides this, the Presto core compression tester also comes with an overload facility that protects this testing instrument from getting damaged. The microprocessor-based display provides highly accurate test results, even under uniform compression force.
Other features of the Presto core compression tester include the TARE and Peak Hold facility, which allows for easy resetting of the tool and accurate recording of peak values. The strong base plate with a rugged structure ensures that this testing equipment remains stable and can withstand heavy use. The feather touch controls embedded in this laboratory testing instrument make it easy to use. Presto is a leading core compression tester manufacturer and designs this testing instrument with high-quality features.

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