Crease Stiffness Tester Prima Model

Presto has recently introduced a crease stiffness HMI tester to test the crease resistance and board stiffness of various products like carton board, paper, printing, and packaging materials. The board stiffness and crease recovery are critical in the performance of cartons, especially on high-speed packaging machines and manual folding. The value of crease stiffness is technically important in the folding of carton blanks, most importantly during the release and closure.


This lab-testing instrument has been designed as a stable mechanical structure with a focus on precision, quality, and durability. We have designed the equipment to provide ease of access by making it simple and yet featured. The equipment is featured in such a way that when a test is complete, the dynamic fixtures automatically move to the base location. It also stores the stiffness value for your convenience.
With the use of this crease stiffness tester, users can get the power to control the program parameters for a time of their choice and convenience. We have made all these features available to you from the latest and fastest Human Machine Interface (HMI) powered by a Cortex-A8 high-speed processor.
A dedicated program and UI are embedded in the equipment to perform equipment calibration which is password protected to keep unauthorized access away. You can generate and download the soft copy of the report in-a-go in pdf format by inserting a USB in the HMI.
This lab testing equipment has been designed in accordance with industrial standards that includes BS 6965-Part-1-1988, BS 3748, PMI 068, BS ISO 2493:1, TAPPI T556 (15 ° Only), & SCAN P29. With the help of this quality lab testing equipment, users can test with maximum, minimum, and average results for ten samples.

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