Presto Cyclic Test Chamber - CYKO

Salt spray test chambers or cyclic test chambers are widely used in the automotive and metal products manufacturing industry to conduct the corrosion resistance test of the surface coatings. This quality assurance test will be used to determine whether the product will survive for a longer time when exposed to corrosive conditions or not. Thus, to make it easy for the manufacturers of the paint, plating, and coating industry to determine the corrosion resistance properties of their surface coatings, we at Presto have designed this highly advanced Cyclic Test Chamber.


SST chamber serves to be one of the most versatile testing system that will help manufacturers to test the corrosion-resistance of materials when exposed to different environmental conditions including humidity, condensation, wetting and air drying.
This will make it easy for the users to conduct the neutral salt spray tests and test the quality of their product with ease. This amazing lab testing instrument has been embedded with highly advanced features which enable users to perform intense ‘modified’ tests. 

This conventional cyclic corrosion test chamber is commonly employed in a multi-stage cycle, incorporating various climates to enhance the testing process. Test cycles such as Salt Spray and Wetting/Condensation Humidity (SWAAT) or Salt Spray and Air Drying (PROHESION) can be conducted using this high-quality laboratory testing instrument.Presto is a leading cyclic test chamber manufacturers and provide this lab testing instrument at best and affordable prices.

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