Dart Impact Tester - Prima Model

Presto's Dart impact tester - HMI is a high-quality testing instrument, used in different packaging industries, to measure the strength of the plastic films to withstand the various forces levied on it. The instrument is provided with an electromagnetic...


Presto's Dart Impact Tester - HMI stands as a premium testing instrument widely utilized across diverse packaging industries for evaluating the resilience of plastic films against various applied forces. The device features an electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism, ensuring uninterrupted force application. Capable of securely holding weights up to 2 kg, this mechanism adds to the instrument's reliability. The user-friendly HMI display facilitates the easy determination of the number of falls executed in a single test.


Simplified sample handling is achieved through a foot switch, allowing convenient clamping or unclamping. The machine is equipped with pneumatic clamping, ensuring the wrinkle-free fixation of the test specimen. To prevent dart rebound upon impact, a shielding device is incorporated into the machine, enhancing safety and precision in testing.

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