Gloss Meter Triangle in Ahmedabad

Gloss detection device is used for inspecting the amount of shine appearing on a material surface. It can evaluate the gloss of a product from 3 distinct angles and is advanced testing equipment having HMI based operation. Now you can also purchase Gloss Meter Triangle in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


The Gloss inspecting device is used for measuring the reflected light from any material surface. This test is important in the fashion industry, print industry and even in automotive. Each and every surface must deliver a controlled amount of gloss and see if it is following its industry criteria, the gloss is detected and tested. Gloss meter has an ergonomic design which makes it very easy to hold and place on the test specimen. The device can inspect at three angles that is, 20 degrees, 60 degrees and 80 degrees. This feature allows multiple and repeatable testing and delivers accurate test data. The data can be seen on the huge Touchscreen display. Also, the user can program test profile as per need. The screen can also be useful in comparison of multiple test data. You can now have Gloss Meter Triangle in Ahmedabad. Just connect with our team and order now.

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