Gloss Meter Triangle in Baddi

Gloss Meter is a gloss reflection detection device. It helps in quantifying shine or gloss of material surface and helps the production team to fix the gloss as per requirement. The device is a fully automated and is easy to work with. Presto understand the need of quality control for growing industrial towns of India that is why we are now delivering Gloss Meter Triangle in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh too.


Gloss is an important decorative factor of various material surface. It is the reflection of light which falls on the surface which creates the shine and gloss to the viewer. Mostly people believe that shining is a selling factor and more of it is good for sale. But it is not case everywhere. Too much of gloss may interfere with the printing quality or even the original color. And too low gloss can make the product look dull compared to others. Hence it is very important that the gloss shine must be fixed as per the industry standards. The easiest method to do so is first quantifying the gloss using a Gloss meter. The device is equipped with a huge touch screen display which is both utilized for operation and test monitoring. It is very simple to detect the gloss value of sample. Just place the device flat on the material surface and the gloss or shine is automatically detected. One can perform repeatable testing on different region of same surface to see if the material is producing same quantity of gloss throughout the material or not. It detect gloss on three angular mode - at 20 degree, 60 degree and at 85 degree. Gloss Meter Triangle can be easily available in Baddi. Just connect with our team and get the ultimate testing solution for your help.

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