Gloss Meter Triangle in Pantnagar

The gloss testing device, is a software-based machine which is used for testing the gloss level of the material surface. It uses touchscreen feature for operation and test monitoring both. Now you can get Gloss Meter Triangle in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for estimating the gloss reflection of the surface.


The Gloss Meter is a unique testing device which precisely captures the gloss reflection of any material surface. The shine in products is adjusted by the manufacturers as per their requirement. This factor is counted as a major selling point for customers. The device is suitable for testing plastics, metals, paints, papers and ceramics. The device is designed as per ASTM D2457, ASTM D523, ISO2813, and GB/T 9754. It allows triple standard angles- 20-degree, 60-degree, and 85-degree for capturing maximum range of testing. Automated data calibration feature is delivered. The testing data is saved in the device memory automatically after capturing. The touchscreen display can show multiple test results at a time for comparative analysis. Now purchase a Gloss Meter Triangle in Pantnagar for determining the gloss property of test material.

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