Grammage Checking Kit in Baddi

GSM Kit includes GSM Round Cutter and Digital GSM Balance. They are popularly used in Paper industry for calculating the weight of paper material. Now you can also get Grammage Checking Kit in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. We also cater across India and beyond International Borders.


Material like paper, paperboard, and fibreboard are base material for various useful products. Their selection for any application is completely dependent on their quality standards. It is checked before supply of any paper material that if it fulfils the demanded criteria of industry or not. GSM or Gram per square meter is the weight of paper which may sound very basic but is a vital quality factor. As per their use, they are categorized based on their properties and weight is also one of the categorization criteria. The processing, production team must assure that they are using the right machines for testing or calculating the GSM value of paper. Presto’s Grammage Kit deliver high precision testing as it is designed as per international test standards. The cutter is equipped with heavy duty German Cutting blades and the size of cut is fixed as per the standards, the balance machine uses higher technology based digital counter which produces a precise weight value. The GSM kit is now easily available in Baddi and other prime locations of India.

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