Grammage Checking Kit in Bangalore

GSM kit is a widely used testing instrument in Paper and Packaging vertical. It is used to weigh the paper weight in GSM or gram per square meter unit. It includes GSM Cutter and a Digital Balance machine. Now you can have Grammage Checking Kit in Bangalore, Karnataka with standard design and latest features.


GSM value of paper and packaging paper or films is a very important quality factor. Based upon this the manufacturers categorize the paper samples for their further applications. The GSM kit is a combination of a cutting machine and a digital balance. The cutter is designed as per test standards and cuts repeatable time at the same diameter. It also has German Imported heavy duty cutting blades for the precision-based cutting process. It is also available with safety latch facility. The digital balance machine is equipped with a superior level of shock resistance and has overload protection, User can lock the software whenever required and also it has an integrated transportation locking feature. It is fitted with an Adjustable footrest with level indicator for assuring zero error in the test results. Get Grammage Checking Kit in Bangalore and across the nation. Just connect with our team today.

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