Grammage Checking Kit in Mumbai

The Grammage Testing Kit provides GSM Round Cutter and Digital GSM Balance. These equipment are widely utilized in Paper and packaging industry for estimating the paper weight. Now you can also get Grammage Checking Kit in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We also provide services across India and beyond overseas Borders.


Raw material such as paper, fibreboard, and paperboard are often used as the basic material for manufacturing various products such as paper bags, paperboard carton box etc. The selection for their application is entirely based upon their standard of quality. It is always examined that the raw paper sample is fulfilling the requirements of industry or not prior dispatch. Unit of measurement for paper weight is GSM or Gram per square meter which may mean very simple to someone but is an important quality criterion for industries. As per their utilization, they are categorized depending on their features and weight. The processing, production team must ensure their customers that they are implementing the correct instrumentation for evaluating or calculating the GSM factor of paper material. Presto’s Grammage Kit ensures higher accuracy in test results as it is constructed as per international test standards. The round cutter uses heavy-duty German imported Cutting blades and the way of cutting the paper is circular in shape which is set as per test standards, and the digital balance machine utilizes advanced digital technology with a counter which delivers a precision based GSM value. The Grammage Checking Kit in Mumbai is now available with other prime locations of India.

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