Grammage Checking Kit in Pune

GSM kit is a popularly utilized testing equipment in Paper and Packaging industry. It is utilized to check the weight of paper material in GSM or gram per square meter standard unit. The kit includes a GSM Cutter and a Digital GSM Balance. Now you can purchase Grammage Checking in Pune, Maharashtra having a precision based design and advanced features.


The grammage value of a paper or packaging films holds a lot of importance as a quality point. Depending on the weight of the specimen, the manufacturers differentiate the paper or packaging film specimen for deciding their future use. The GSM kit is a mixture of a sharp cutting tool and a digital balance machine. The cutter is constructed depending upon test standards and gives precision cuts in repeatable testing. It is equipped with German Imported sharp and heavy duty cutter blades for the faster and smart cutting method. It also has a safety latch facility which ensures protection while travelling. The digital balance machine is fitted with a higher level of shock resistance and overload protection. The operator can lock the device whenever needed. It is equipped with an Adjustable footrest with an additional feature of level indicator that assures zero error in the test data. Get Grammage Checking Kit in Pune and across the globe. Just contact our team today and get the dream kit at a reasonable price.

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